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forcedmigration's Journal

29 April
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Marriage is love.
acquiescence, adoption, aids research, aim, andrew sullivan, anti-death penalty, anti-fma, anti-iraq war, ashcroft, axe, barack obama, barney frank, bering omega, big bell value menu, biochemistry, c-span, camping, challenging authority, circumventing bureaucracies, civil rights, community service, competence, death cab for cutie, decentralization, democratic party, dereliction of duty, digressions, drudge report, education, election 2004, exes, fahrenheit 9/11, false sense of urgency, foreign languages, fox news media bias, french, friends at ut, frosted flakes, gavin newsom, gay marriage, ghetto nintendo, girly drinks, graduate students, guatemala, haiti, harvard medical school, harvey milk, higher education, hillary clinton, hip hop, homelessness, houston, howard dean, hrc, i love the 90's, interrupting cow, jacksonville, john kerry, la mala educaccion, lambrusco riunite, leap year, lesbians, life is beautiful, lj stalking, manchurian candidate, medical school, medical students, michael moore, news junkie, people in the news, people watching, perspicacity, phil hendrie, philadelphia, physicians, politics, poverty, pre-med, pro choice, pseudo-religiosity, race relations, racquetball, rap, religious right, rice university, running, s'mores cereal, san antonio spurs, saved!, simpsons, sledding, sleeping late, spanish, stem cell research, super size me, supreme court decisions, survivor, the postal service, thomas friedman, trashy reality television, traveling, trite abstractions, undergrads, universal health care, volunteering, wendy's 99 cent menu